5 Tips for a perfect BOOTY... YES, it's possible!

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1. Want bigger glutes? Cardio is not really your friend

Cardio is not going to build a bigger butt, so if you're hitting the treadmill on an incline, it's more likely to create some levels of muscle wastage if you're on a diet and not getting enough protein in your meals, which is easily done.
Only use long periods of cardio for weight loss rather than butt building.

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 3. You've got to mix up your routine to build a bum

To build your glutes, start with compound exercises (for example squats, deadlifts or lunges ) working at a range of around 6 reps.
Then moving on to heavier volume work with lighter weights (so resistance machines and cable exercises or body weight exercises in the 12-30 rep range).
Why? The glutes adapt to repetitive movements so you’ll want to mix up your workouts.  

4. Make sure you're progressing with the weights

To make progress when growing a muscle, you've got to challenge it!
You should aim to increase the weight you lift every 2-4 weeks, as small increments will avoid injury.

5. Don’t Forget Your Abs

One muscle group that you should train in addition to your glutes is your transverse abdominals.
This part of your abs acts like a corset and pulls in on your waist. A smaller waist will enhance your curves and make your booty look more pronounced from the front and back. 
The smaller your waist the bigger your booty will look. I’m not talking about day long crunches that will bulk up your abs and actually make you look wider.
Exercises that work the transverse abdominals are very specific and often under-utilized. This workout includes a few that are really effective. 

You are what you eat

You know what they say – “You are what you eat”. 
Your exercise program is 50% of what you need to be successful in building a booty. The other 50% is nutrition. 
How much you eat will depend on if you are building muscle or looking to lose body fat.  Healthy body recomposition (where you change the ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass) takes time.
The safest way to do this is to gain or lose 0.5 pounds a week.  Crash diets that promise you’ll lose 10 pounds in a week are highly dangerous, unsustainable and unhealthy. 
If you are aiming to put on muscle take stock of your daily caloric requirements and track your workouts to account for the extra calories burned.
You might be eating your daily calorie needs but fail to account for your workouts and end up stalling your booty gains.  
Muscles need Protein  
In order to beef up your bum, you need to be taking in plenty of protein.  Somewhere around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight seems to be an ideal target for most people.
Carbs are not the enemy!
Your body literally must have carbs in order to function, especially when building muscle and sweating out hard as we do.
How much is right for you? It’s approx 1-2 g of carbohydrates per lb. of body weight
Now is not the time to cut calories. Now’s the time to build that booty!
Fat is your friend
Obviously, I don’t mean fried chicken type fat. But the healthy fats.
These are essential and help your body absorb and break down the protein you consume. Plus, they help support hormone health! Aim to consume about 0.4 g of fat per lb.
There isn't one magic exercise that will make your butt change.
Consistency in the gym paired with a nutrient packed eating plan with adequate amounts of protein will be your keys to bringing out the best your glorious glutes have to offer!

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